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Privacy Policy

In the course of making use of this website or when you decide to avail the products as well as services using the online questionnaires or application forms, I Need Cash along with its associated money lenders can make use of the personal information that you share with us when applying for loan.  We can also make use of the information that is of confidential nature for serving you with the best of the loan deals.  Reading this privacy policy page will help you understand the way in which we make use of the information shared by you. 

At I Need Cash, we are strongly committed when it comes to the protection of the privacy of the information of customers. We have taken into incorporation all the necessary and reasonable measures for protecting the confidential information and when the same is transmitted via World Wide Web. If information disclosure takes place even if you are in agreement with us then also we are not responsible for the same.

We endeavour to protect as well as make sure that the safety of the information that you share with us is kept safe. When the transmission of information does not take place through this encryption then there will be a message that will appear on the computer of the customer provided it is configured accordingly.  We have taken all the necessary measures ensuring highest level of safety of details you share with us.

We expect as well as request that our customers should cooperate with us in protecting the details ensuring the safety of the same. We strongly suggest that you should choose the passwords with extreme care so that no third party or unauthorised party can have access to it. In addition, we suggest you to choose complex characters, numbers and alphabets so that no one can detect them.  It is entirely your responsibility to keep visiting this page of the website to keep them posted about the changes that we are making to this page.

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